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If City were to be promoted this season, how many players would still be playing in the team week in, week out? It would be very few.

On the other hand how many players would still be playing if we don't achieve promotion? Quite a lot more.

This then begs the question, is promotion really and truely what the WHOLE squad wants?

If we don't get promoted, we will still keep the majority of our players who will be another year older and still on relatively high wages. They can then have another "comfortable" season going through the motions. If we do get promoted, these older players will have to go, as they won't be able to cut it in the Championship. They will have to work hard to win a contract and possibly try to impress another club.

Therefore, for the players to have an easy, comfortable life they just have to go through the motions like they've been doing, not trying too hard, but doing just enough to guarantee a place in the side next week.

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But how many would stay if we got (heaven forbid) relegated? Not too many would be wanted on their current wages, therefore it would make sense for them to really give it a go and move the team up the table, starting with a win on Saturday!! :pray::pray::pray:

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