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At this moment in time we only have three strikers at the club




Madjo has disappered it seems

The only other club i can think of with three strikers is Chelsea now i am not trying to compare us to chelsea but they only need three because they play 1 up front, now we only have three strikers does that mean GJ will stick with the one up front tactic of Brooker up front with Murray and Cotterill playing off him

Any thoughts

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Could be, but I think/hope we will get another striker on loan.

I personally hate the one striker system, its so negative and i find it difficult to understand why we have played this way the last couple of games. The arguement may be we are conceding too many goals but thats hardly stopped when we have played this system, chesterfield 3-0, Southend 3-0, Swindon 2-1.

I think its time Stewart was given a chance to prove his worth up front with Brooks, i would rather he play and get his wage than sit on the bench. As for Gillespie going out on loan i hope its only temporary as he is the only striker we have with pace and has good potential.

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Maybe Brooker and Cotterill up front.

Benyon might be promoted to the first team bench.

I think Stewart's paid the price for his attitude now and wouldn't bet against him starting on Saturday. I for one wouldn't mind him getting maybe three more starts for City before January so that we all get a chance to settle the disputes on this forum (as if dispute are ever settled on here!).

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