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Platinum Williams Finally


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I am a Platinum Seating person and have been reading the postings about this subject over the last week.

I have supported City for 15 years and became a season ticket hold just as the Platinum seats came into existence. I decided to get a season ticket that summer and stay in the seat I had sat in previously. Just a normal seat in the Williams. (Well before that I used to sit in the Dolman)

A few days before the start of that season my ticket arrived - and I found to my horror that it was actually for about 12 or so rows further back! When I rang City to enquire why this had happened I was told - "oh sorry, the seat you wanted is now a premium seat so we gave you the nearest free seat available"!! To cut a long story short I complained so loud when I arrived at the ground 20 mins later they reluctantly agreed I could have my old seat - which was now a platinum seat - for the same price - but just for one season only.

As it was I like the position - the seat is more comfy than the plastic or wooden ones so I decided the following season to pay the extra premium and sit tight - and have done up 'til now.

Now I am being treated with contempt in exactly the same way as outlined above those few years ago. I have been paying this club a premium for my seat for the last few years and now it doesn't mean a thing to the current board or senior management. I have a right to be angry.

And for those of you on this forum who have been dismissive of the "platinum 500" - just remember - they support the same club as you - it doesn't matter whether they are young or old (actually the age spread is very wide and plenty of kid and a fair amount of young women too. It also seems that just because they are currently the premium seats I can assure you it hurts me financially as much as it hurts you - I also buy the programme and bits and pieces from the shop - so I have as much right to feel angered for the way the club deigns to treat me.

I do not blame City for looking at ways to raise more revenue - but there are ways of doing it - and I think the premier club will fall on it's face and cause considerable embarrassment to SL & CS. Upsetting your existing "premium" customers to replace them with "premium-premium" customers is one reason - considering our current position in the league and the fact we are not an Arsenal or Man U is another - and the unprofessional and frankly poorly worded letter sent to the 500 is yet another.

Would Scott Davidson have allowed supporters to be treated this way? :angry:

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so the last time this happened you came to realise that actually what was being offered was better than what you had before and since you have renewed your ticket presumably value for money. Am sure there will be other seats available with equally good views, while the money raised through the new facilities will help improve the rest of the stadium. Unfortunately to improve the stadium moves such as this need to be made- disappointing if it has not been handled well.

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