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Big Moan (sorry)

Cider Red Sam

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Before I start, I apologise, because I’m sure there are many other posts on the forum at this moment in time which say exactly what I’m going to do now, but I’m not exactly in the mood for reading at the moment so I can’t be bothered to check.

Another apology, this post will probably be quite long, so if you can’t be bothered to read it all, I don’t blame you. I just need to get a few things off my chest.

Another apology, this post is probably going to be the most negative post in the forum’s brief history so far.

At this moment in time I feel angry, frustrated, ######ed off and annoyed all at the same time. Its not a very nice feeling. :Rage:

Today’s match was the biggest load of ****ing **** I’ve seen for God knows how long. We were absolutely shocking. Hardly created a thing. How can you throw away a first minute lead to a team of thugs who can’t play football!? Beats me, but City seemed to do it easy enough.

There were so many times where Phillips could/should have come out and claimed the ball when it was in his 6 yard box. I mainly blame Phillips for our inability to defend set pieces. Coles had a poor game, every time he got he just hoofed it up into the area behind their left back (that Davis ##**** who elbowed Tommy and Murray last year). After the first few times it didn’t work, you’d have thought he’d work it out eventually, but no. Butler had a good game I admit (well by his standards anyway), except for one thing, which is actually quite a big thing. Now, I don’t know whether this was just because of the angle I was sat at, but surely Butler could have ran back just that little bit quicker and cleared their goal off the line. It seemed like he just jogged along side it from where I was sat!

Amankwaah didn’t look his usual self, he looked disinterested and didn’t really manage to get involved. Wilkshire was ok, he just shot a few times when he should have passed. Burnell was our best player by far, he even passed it forward! Tinnion wasn’t very effective, and he was over on the right hand side most of the second half (I’m assuming he was meant to be left midfield in a 4-4-2 formation). Woodman looked ok except for a few dodgy mistakes which let in their strikers. Peacock looked ok, but not good enough to cause them any problems, and Roberts looked ok, but I just wish he’d up his work rate a little. Every time he gets forward, it takes him about 5 times as long to get back. Also I don’t know why he kept trying to put it round Sol Davis and run on to it, Sol Davis got it every time! Miller didn’t have time to do anything after coming on, and Lita looked good (as usual) but now looks like he’ll be out for a while.

I still don’t understand Danny’s way of thinking. We were creating a few chances and were on top of the game in a 3-5-2 formation (albeit playing poorly) but then Danny decided to play 4-4-2, which we all know is a negative decision because we never create anything with that formation, and again we didn’t.

Another thing is why do we insist on hoofing it up the pitch from defence every time we get it!? Actually, in fairness to the defenders, it might be because there’s nothing else on, everyone just seems to push up on their last man when we get the ball in defence. But surely DW can see it just doesn’t work. It usually ends up going to either Lita (who at least tries to get the ball) or Roberts who just watches the defender rise above him and win the ball. If it does get to Peacock by some sort of miracle, we always lose it because he has no support.

Thankfully, most of the teams above us also did ####, but to be honest, we shouldn’t be relying on other teams results.

By the way, this post is completely spur of the moment. By Monday, I’ll once again have convinced myself that City will go up automatically (probably wrongly, but I’ll still convince myself somehow). When I’ve convinced myself we will automatically go up, I’ll post a new thread stating why/how we will (that’ll give you something to all look forward too! I bet you can’t wait! hehe)

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