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Consistent Defence


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Now and again this season when I've been bored, I've worked out the defencive stats and after today's result it again shows a avery clear point.

Played 24 games (all comps)

Different defencive line ups - 21!, yes 21!

number of times we have put out the same line up in consecutive games - 3

number of goals conceded by consecutive line ups in 3 games - 2

Avg goals per game per player:


Heywood 1.4

Woodman 1.4

Orr 1.4

Smith 1.5

Basso 1.8

Carey 1.9

The above are the top 6, today we played 5 out of the 6.

Clear indication that consistency is key if possible. Think the loan signings may individually be good, but when 3 of them were defenders it makes it very difficult to work as a unit.

If we play the same back 5 V Port Vale, it will be the first time this season that we have played 3 consecutive games with the same defence; wait and see.....

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