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Prediction League Update

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Catching up on two games, the first being the 1-0 loss to Bradford, signs of improvement on the pitch, but an unfortunate own goal by Louis Carey gifting a poor Bradford side the three points.

Top scorers were, jon & ojjy, both taking 15 points, RoryFice behind them with 8 points.

Last Saturday saw the long awaited end to the run of defeats, as Huddersfield were well beaten and with some very encouraging signs too.

Top points scorer was bcfc seattle with 16, Kings Norton Red, Timmer D & wayne allison's tongues in second spot with 15 points. Scoring bonus points gave Niall & Ronmeister 13 points each.


Private Cider (cider army) 112

bartolona 102

Chez 93

london red 92

fRed 90

bobby 89

Nogbad the bad 89

Dogbert 86

Robbored 84

Kings Norton Red 84

Boxing Kangaroo 81

Maltshoveller 75

pilnin' ciderhead 73

RedEmz 71

Wurzel of Oz 70

just like watching brazil 68

City since 64 68

TimmerD 68

Kit 67

RoryFice 66

Full table on PL website

I'll put up all the Xmas / New Year fixtures as I guess some folk will be away.( Or drunk :whistle: )

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