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Does anyone know if you can just turn up on the day and get on the coach and give them the money or do you have to book the seat in advance??

You could go down there and if they have spare seats I'd of thought that they would let you pay on the day. Worth a go??

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Guest Ronmeister


Well that really helps doesn't it......don't you think I wish I had of done that.

You asked me what number I rung, I didn't ring a number. You might not be able to get tickets, it's not my fault, don't take it out on me.

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Sorry to hear that, maybe you Should ask the question on the Steve L forum.

Seems strange that it's hard(office closed at 1?) to try to support your team on away matchdays, then again I am not really surprised by it.

Maybe it is worth turning up on the morning clutching your hard earned cash and wearing the quality replica shirt, just in case you are allowed to travel.

Perhaps there is a cut -off point for reserving seats, would be nice to know when that is. Good luck.

Brewery up in etc.

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