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Would You Pay

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Firstly I was disappointed the green'un was done away with going back in the 1970's

I was even more shocked when it was re-introduced

I can't understand why it was re-introduced although very pleased

when the internet was starting to take off

Maybe some one could clarify the circualtion was 8,000 approx

The nice thing about he green'un was it had a large local content

some thing you struggle to find in National papers

I totally digress, would you like the paper to continue

if it cost a pound

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Guest WillsbridgeRed

Sorry Ted, i wouldn't pay 10p for it.

The fact is, the Newspaper business, especially in terms of local papers, is in rapid decline.

For example, why buy the evil post when you can read it on the net

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Well I always bought the green'un what ever our result, maybe it was just habit.

There was one place near me who use to still have them on SUNDAY afternoons

Never understood why those I bought on SUNDAY had the Green'un

header missing,untill a few weeks ago

Post and press staff will know what I am talking about

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I think it is a good read but then I also only tend to buy it when we don't loose so it is not really a valid statement as I tend to associate it with posistive City results and a slightly better looking league table.

I like the way it covers a bit of history and it does help me keep in touch with whats going on behind the scenes at AG. Also the letters page use to sometimes prove interesting but for for publics oppinions the internet has now firmly put newspapers in their place

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