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Hayter & Stock to Bristol City

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Message 1 - posted by gas_hater**, 25 Minutes Ago

Any thoughts on these players?????

I for one think both of these players are what City need...

Message 2 - posted by punkrockcherry-ly on high**, 18 Minutes Ago

I'd be gutted to lose either of them, particularly to a team in the same division as us.

I don't think either should be sold cheaply.

Hayter doesn't want to go.

Message 3 - posted by gas_hater**, 17 Minutes Ago

Ive heard Stock is a very decent player!! any comments??

Message 4 - posted by punkrockcherry-ly on high**, 15 Minutes Ago

He has good days and bad days. On his good days his passing is excellent, and he sets moves in motion. On his bad days he passes to the opposition. Hayter is a better team player, always gives 100%, creates chances for others as well as scoring.

Message 5 - posted by gas_hater**, 12 Minutes Ago

To be honest with you l don't think either of these player will come to us, as much as l would like it. Hayter in my eyes is quality.

I've heard somewhere that QPR are looking at him, but it could just be hear-say.

Message 6 - posted by punkrockcherry-ly on high**, 9 Minutes Ago

I've heard the QPR story as well, although with their current record Holloway must be on borrowed time. Would you move to a club where the manager could be gone next week ?

I wouldn't be surprised if Stock ended up at Burnley. The rest of last years midfield has !!

Message 7 - posted by gas_hater**, 6 Minutes Ago

Its a shame really cus lve got a soft spot for you guys!!!

Is it really that bad down there?? Not as bad as us though...

Message 8 - posted by punkrockcherry-ly on high**, Just Now

None of us expected to do anything this year having lost three quarters of our midfield to Burnley (Burnley ??), but despite this and our ongoing injury list we have played some great stuff this year. Finances though are disasterous, and selling the family silver may be the only way forward.

I hope things improve for City (as long as you don't sign our players !!) - when we nearly went out of business a few years back we played what was potentially our last ever game at Ashton Gate, and the welcome was wonderful - lots of support and encouragement not to give up. I really hope you avoid the drop - which is more than I can say for Swindon !!

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