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Lansdowns World Interview


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As I don't have Bcfc world can someone please fill in what lansdown has said in his interview about the january window and the recent run of good form.

I would get world but it's too expensive :crying:

He said he thinks weve been "there" since playing Swindon, its just been a bad run and hes glad its come to an end. The team are starting to gel. All players have been told to sort out the way they look after themselves, which has helped. Also plan to get 1/2 players in the window, although people are trying to get as much as possible for these players which makes it tricky. GJ will be deciding who to ofer contracts to and who to sell/let go.

Thats about the gist.

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Is he saying in around about way there will not be many new signings??

Yes. He said that he has made enquiries about one or two players, and thought their clubs were quoting him for the whole team!

However he does say that he would still like to get ONE or TWO players in, in January so that come the end of the season they would have firmly bedded-in ready for next season.

So basically as clubs know we are desperate for certain types of players we could be encountering some inflated prices come January.

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