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Grant Holt

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Guest The Codfather 0312
I don't think he is a player we should be looking to buy anyway! We should be looking to by a player with pace and is a proven goalscorer at this level or even in the Championship!

This is one guy who i would like http://www.wolves.premiumtv.co.uk/page/Squ...7~24606,00.html

I just read somewhere that he can't hit a barn door with his eyes closed, And you realy want us to buy him?

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Ye mate its only my opinion, i believe at this level he will do the business! He has pace and is good in the air!

My mate is a Wolves fan, he basically told me that this bloke is cack!

Apparently, despite his size, he spends most of the game on his arse, he also said he couldn't hit a barn door, I think we should leave well alone!

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Were going to have to get in there quick if we want him!

we have been here before,

Yes he is an Ok player but would he fit into our team, we are hardly a team who whips balls into the box for the striker to head are we, i would rather spend money somewhere else, whoever wants him can have him

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