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from a notts county fanzine


nick name PIRATES

the term associates the club with the illegal traders in

audio / video discs , who cheat the public out of a high

quality , truly rewarding listening and viewing experience.


of uncertian origin , but is believed to relate to the

nautical term , " breaking of the win "


dedicated , in loving memory to Eastville , R I P


this primitive tribe call themselves REDS an abbreviation

of their true name which is of course IN BREDS .

isolated herds of reds roam the desolate wastelands

of middle class Rushcliffe in there 4x4s droning on about

how much their huts are worth.

small and sadly diminishing numbers of reds still assemble

at their temple on the dark side of the river Trent.

( known as the "SHITTY GROUND " to partake in their vile

rituals , such as offering sacrifices to their god CLOUGHIE ,

and attempting to raise their dead hopes through the endlessly

repeated moronic chant ," U REDS, U REDS, U REDS , U REDS , U REDS,....."

( note the illiteracy -" u beind red-chavese for " you " )

their tribal totem deserves particular attention.

it depicts a cauliflower above some E.E.G delta waves.

the cauliflower is an accurate representation of a

typical red's brain.

the delta waves are associated with reduced mental capacity.

thought this was funny and wondered what other fanzines

says about us.

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