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Liam Rosenior

Whale Eye Beef Hooked

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Qoute from Daily Mirror Oliver Holt

" if i was a manager with money to spend on One player then i wouldn`t buy a striker or a midfielder.

I would buy Fulham Left back LIam Rosenior. He has great pace, can use both feet, he has got a top attitude ( ! ) and a sharp football brain. Ina coulpe of years when he tightens up defensively he will be Ashley Cole, Roberto Carlos rolled into one !

Obviously a good choice to leave then Liam !

Good luck to him

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will city get any money if fulham sell.

Yes; http://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=28141

I think it may be 20% :dunno:

Is he even starting for them at the moment? I knew he had a run last season when voltz was injured, but is he a regular now? :dunno:

Was playing on Boxing Day and instrumental in setting up the equaliser - well he supplied the ball to mc bride who then went down like a sack of spuds and won them the pen :pinch:

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well i don't really see him as a right back - when he came on in the ldv vans a ripped carlise apart - that was his best position imo....wherever it was...right-wing i think

He played right back/wing back for England Schoolboys and upwards and for all of our youth teams. He was then played by Wilson as a winger/forward.

As for his attitude, I think his attitude was 100% spot on. Read this interview with him courtesy of TheIncider.


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I always thought Rosenior got the worst end of the stick with regard to his departure from the club.

The fact is that the club screwed up in delaying a contract offer until the last minute, which was received AFTER the cut-off date.

The lad did the only thing he could do, and that was look for another club, while City's offer was not forthcoming.

Rosenior was made out to be a greedy little so-n-so when all along it was the club's lethargy that cost us.

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