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Close But Not Close Enough

Guest duncan james

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Guest duncan james

i have supported mr wilson over these last few weeks and from what i have seen from other posts us supporters are slow but sure turning against him!!!

I'm still not sure if he is the bloke to get us up or not if he was to go (sacked) maybe it would cost us a fair bit of dosh to get rid of him (which we don't have)

looking at the team today? they just look down at times with some players out of possition and others (no names cus i aint into player bashing) just not intrested in getting involved

think if wilson was to go then part of me would be happy to have seen him go but whilst he remains in charge lets give him and OUR players the support they need its time to pull together and not start the in house fighting that we had some time ago

some of you are very unhappy with wilson and maybe i can understand that but lets get behind the team

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