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Next Week....


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This might seem a stupid thing to say to some people but as I was leaving the ground today I thought about the likelihood of us getting done up at Bradford PA next week.

Think about it - they're a team of part-timers about to play in the game of their lives (for many of them), and they'll be giving everything for the cause. The City are shockingly lacking in confidence, aren't creating chances, are conceding schoolboy-standard goals, and half of em aren't IMO giving 100%. Wilson seems to think we are playing well, which worries me, because it's plain to see to 99% of Ashton Gate that we have been dire recently, especially today.

Are we settling for sub-standard performances? If we are, I'm really worried that we may just get turned over by a team who WANT IT MORE on Saturday.

Could this really happen? God I hope not, but I've got a bad feeling......

Now, go ahead and shoot me down in flames! :P

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Well if we don't go out next week I hope its in the next round. I've never ever had that attitude and can't believe I am saying it, but the fact is even good cup runs aren't helping us this season (look at how we played against Southampton compared to most other recent matches bar Sheff Weds), maybe get through to round 3, play Man Utd away and thats that, I would find that pretty much ideal!

If it wasn't for the money I would be much happier to see us go out sooner rather than later, we need to find consistent form in the League, its as simple as that.

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Lets brace ourselves for a possible upset; we'll be the laughing stock but I can see it happening the way the team is performing. Cue DW spin on how unlucky we were and how fantastic Bradford Park Avenue are.

Oh, and I can remember Bradford PA being in the league. I think they lost their league status in 1970 (Cambridge replaced them?).

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Geoff Twentyman " Well Danny, One-Nil to Bradford PA"

DW "How unlucky were we?

GT "What went wrong?"

DW " Well I Don't think we did anything wrong, Bradford PA are a strong solid team , there are not many teams that will come here and get anything"

GT " like your team Danny?"

DW " Um, yeah - but its not the fact that we lost, we played some loverly football"

GT " But Danny, City didn't have a shot on target"

DW "All we need is that bit of luck and we are really going to tank someone soon"

GT " Really Danny?"

DW " Well its all going to change next week when we play Barnsley, but don't forget Geoff they are a strong solid team , there are not many teams that will get anything out of them"

Repeat every Sat at 5.30pm for rest of season,

p.s did any one notice Danny slipping a few "triffics" into the interview, I'm starting to get worried now! :Confused13:

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