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Danny- Sometimes You Have To Give Credit To The

Cider red

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For gods sake danny just for once admit that we were SWEARING they were SWEARING and were heading for mid table mediocraty!!!

Wilson really is loosing the plot , another baffling comment after the game was "i thought we played good football at times" , what an idiot , does hoofing the ball miles in the air count as good football???? :Rage: :Rage: :Rage: :Rage: :Fume: :AngryWip: :sad56:

:PC_Plod: Edited for Swearing :PC_Plod:

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Guest frogred

That would be like President Blair saying, The health service is getting worse, Along with Education, Homelessness, Asylum seekers and that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

All you willget is spin, spin and lies.

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