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I work for JD Wetherspoons. On a day like today, I can knock out around £400 worth of meals per hour. For this I need to actually work with the food. Admitidly most of it is nuked but alot of work still needs to go into it. The food I produce is always of good quality, never cold, and rarely sent back. If me and a team of two can do this, why the hell can't a company who claim to specilise in catering get it right. All I want is a hot cup of tea and a half decent pastie to go at half time. It aint that much to ask.

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Guest Harry May

I know 2 southampton fans. The first thing they said to me Wednesday morning , was n't about the game . It was about our catering.

The Southampton fans all had unreserved seating , and hence alot of them left work early and drove straight to Ashton Gate. My mates arrived at 18:00 to make sure they had good seats. Obviously coming straight from work , they felt hungry . Off they went to get a pie or pasty , only to be told they were sold out. They had to settle for Mars bars .

The club knew in advance how many were coming to the game , but still could n't manage to cater for everyone. Opportunity lost.

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