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Lita For Congo

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At the moment, We arent looking to good, We are grinding out alot of 1-1's but doing it looking boring. Out of our 21 games this season i have missed 2 so i have seen quite alot of us. I Think SteveL should take a risk and invest in a 'pay as you plkay' basis with someone like Gazza, he would definatly bump 5,000 on the next home gate and would be class at this level. He would help create alot and add some class to our team.

We also need someone to help Peacock. Robins would be good on a 1 year contract. How many other free strikers is there out there who would score 15-20 goals? I Know he would want £3k a week and he is 33(?) but he would do a job.

Also i would change the current team around a bit. Amankwaah looked nackered and #### yesterday. Put Lita on from the start in some way, shape or form. Drop Butler. He has been a liability this year. I Would use a 3-1-3-1-2. This would help us create alot more and also be tight at the back. Hopefully as well it will encourage a more attacking style of football as at the moment we are so negative we will get the ball 40 yards out and pass it back. This is the team i would start with.



Coles Fortune Hill


Lita Tinnion Brown


Peacock Matthews

I Know Matthews is a tad unfit but he works well with Peacock and Peacock works well with Miller and Matthews. A Bloke on the bus yesterday said 9 out of peacocks 10 goals came fwhen he was playing with Miller.

Also i think the club sometimes does not have a clue. I Cued 2 minutes before HT both Saturday and Tuesday and missed 5 minutes of the 2nd half. Linsey or who ever they are need to be sacked or sort there act out quick or i will just get food else where. The club need to advertise more as well. I Went in to the Club shop and asked the ladie behind the counter for the nationwide badges and she asked ME how much the badges were and if they did them. This is not the ladies faukt but it would help if the employs were informed!

I Know its a bit of a rant but i need to get it out my system, thanks.

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