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Money Does = Success


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In my opinion, and I find it slightly saddening to admit it, the only way we can, or indeed will reach the dizzy heights of Div 1 and subsequently challenge for Premier League status is to have a multi-millionaire/billionaire invest in the club.

Even, and what an incredibly overstated 'even', if we did manage to s####e our way to division 1 this season we wouldn't have a cats hell of a chance of remaining there as things stand next season.

We have lost it in a very big way (many reasons already stated, but not the point of this post).

If you think of a majority of the clubs that have caught us and overtaken us with regards to promotional success and consolidation in higher divisions, and indeed our division, they have all had major backers.

It wasn't so very long ago we were playing teams like;

Prem. Newcastle Utd. Wolves. Leicester. Fulham. Blackburn. Portsmouth

Div 1. Wigan. Cardiff. Millwall

Div 2. Rushden & Diamonds.

To be fair if anyone would have said to me even 2 years ago that in 2 years time Rushden & Diamonds would have the same amount of points as City in division 2 I would have pee'd myself laughing.

Why did Jewell choose Wigan?

Why has Lenny Lawrence stayed with Cardiff?

Why was Mark Mc.Gee sacked from Millwall as the lay 8th in division one?

In my opinion, because the first two know something is being done at director level to gain success, and in Mc.Gee's case because enough was'nt being done at management level to ensure success.

I see no light as things stand, and I sadly believe there will be no light until Millions of pounds are pumped into BCFC.

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