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Season Tickets Being Returned?

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No not City ones

This is a interesting idea from the Rugby world(locally)

Gloster are at home to Bath on Saturday

Gloster have asked any season tickets who may not be attending to let the rugby club know.The club will then give the season ticket holder five pounds

If, REPEAT if, the ticket is sold the owner will get the fiver

Now considering the cost of going to and from the ground maybe twice would a fiver be worth it?

With no guarentee of getting your fiver,cos as the offer says subject to selling your the ticket

My views are this, I would give you my ticket stub but you give me fiver straight away

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Guest lydneyred

City did this when we played Plymouth (?) last season on Boxing Day.

They asked those people who had season tickets but weren't attending to let the club know so that they could sell their seats.....but they never offered any money for it.

Personally I don't think they should.

If I wasn't attending the game and I told the club that, then I would be more than happy for them to sell me seat on for that match and to keep the money..........the money they paid me would go back to the club anyway so they might as well keep it in the first place.

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Is it because the Glos Bth game will be packed- much ike the city plymouth game was expected to be so they want to create as much profit as possible? it wouldnt work with any ordinary city game but for one where a large crowd is expected maybe it would.

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