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Just What A Fan Wants To Hear!


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Stop having a dig at Steve - if steve wasnt a fan of BCFC then why would he continue (along with the rest of the directors) to keep this club afloat.

How many other chairman answer questions posted on forums ??, how many other chairman would have banked the Murray money and paid of some debt. No Miller and Wilks havent come good yet, but they will. At least our chairman has got balls to go out there and spend 650K when it would have been easier to bank.

Steve Lansdown is the best thing to happen to this club for a long long time, stop trying to put him down all the time and back his decisions, yes he is the chairman but more importantly he is a fan and therefore has my full vote of confidence in whatever he does.

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Oh hello, Neee norrrrr........neee norrrr!

It's the forum police!

This was no way a dig at Steve. If I wanted Steve to read it, it would be on the Steve L forum.

It was meant as a bit of fun and entertainment. Something long gone from this forum!

Note the winky smilie mate before you jump down my throat.

Some people just don't get it!

I would be horrified if Steve spoke this way about our rivals or any team for that matter, it just seems the irony is lost on you my friend!

Sorry about that! :(

:Rage: :Rage: :Rage: :Rage:

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I find this very funny as my bruv is a PalAR5E fan. But more to the point it is funny cos it sounds like something their own chairman, Simon Jordan, would say. Jordan is a bit of a Scott Davidson/Sam Hamman/Jez Moxley/David Temme/Ken Bates type figure...a nutter who can't keep his mouth shut.

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