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Manager Swop

Maesknoll Red

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Martin O' Neill not a bad choice. Apart from the obvious ones such as Ferguson, Wenger, Robson etc. I'm going to go for somebody in the lower leagues. Please don't hate me for this but....

Ian Holloway.

Passionate, loyal, didn't do too badly with Rovers, seems to be doing fine with QPR, he would be my choice from the lower leagues.

Right then, I'm off to pack, move house, and change my name. :( :Confused13:

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I'd go for Kevin Keegan as well. Wait 'til I get hold of that little toad and 'have it with him about ripping us off for £1 million for Tony Thorpe B) That said Kevin Keegan is a very good football manager and knows a gullible musician when he sees one - well he saw Scott Davidson coming to buy Thorpe :P

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