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I know it's on the wrong forum, but seeing as this is the main forum which most people look on, I thought I would post it here.

Does anybody know of anywhere that specialises in Vauxhall parts (other than Vauxhalls)? S#### yards, breakers anything.

I've got a 1.4i Corsa L reg (1993), and need a new gearbox :Rage:

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :D.

I'll also post this on the non-footy forum (because funnily enough it's non footy).



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There is an excellent Vauxhall Breaker just opposite what used to be Cowie Vauxhall on Avon St. (Not sure if it's still called Cowie Vauxhall.)

If you go along Cattle Market Rd, past the old Post Office building and turn left at the lights, its the very first left, through a metal gate, into a court yard.

Vauxhall Breaker right in front of you.

Hope this helps?


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