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Will Cheltenham Rise To It?

Percy Parrot

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the challenge facing John Ward is immense. A club, with expectations to rise back into divison 2, but a team only placed 19th in division 3 and in reality a club only big enough to sustain a Conference team long-term.

However, I think maybe we will now see Cheltenham rise again. Ward did a great job with the gas, a great job with us and did great at Wolves tool. Every single club he has been at seems to have screwed him over.

Good luck to him at Cheltenham.

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Good point Seattle, but John Ward is now back in the area and if he does well at Cheltenham it will be highlighted in the local media.

Its unlikely he will be anything more than mediocre at Cheltenham and in any case should never be a candidate to return to the Gate.

More likely scenario is when Dungturd disposes of DoomLaden and the gas continue to fester, Dungturd himself will be hounded out and Ward may then become the latest in a long line of returning Messiahs to fail miserably to lift their fortunes. :D

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