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Red And White Night!

city nut

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I don't know if this could be combined with openning of the East End but we need another Red and White night. The atmoshere at the gate has been to be frank ###### this season and could be one of the factors behind are poor start to the season.

This is partly to do with some fans who i struggle to call 'supporters'. The three blokes which sit behind don't actually support the team. They just verbally abuse every player on the pitch after about 8mins just because they are not Zidane, Beckham or Ronaldo. This frustrates me so much as i go to support my team.

The players hear our support and then they will hopefully be spurd on a little i.e. The Crewe and Luton combacks last December were catalysed by US the fans. The boos and growns do nothing for player confidence it just makes it worst. The continued lack of support will only make are season worst.

So i feel a red and white night would be a perfect chance to show the players how much we want them to do well. It would be a chance to celebrate Bristol City FC and have a great night.

We could have the wurzels, the red/white cards in the atyeo spelling out B-C-F-C , baloons, the flags in the stands, the east end openm parade the LDV trophy before it goes back. We could show the club how much we want to win. This club is passionate but some fans ruin it for others with there grumpy attitude. We are a big club with big support and we need to show this.

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