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Fathers And Sons


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How many sets of Father and Son have played for City.

The first that comes to mind is Joe/Andy Jordan.

Then there is Leroy/Liam Rosenior.

If thats too easy how about brothers??

And while i am at it a non city one.

Has a Father and Son ever managed the same league team??

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Worth a try  :Confused13:

No Taz it wasn`t really was it?

I have often read your posts in admiration at your knowledge of the 4-4-2,

Called the wife upstairs to read your balanced views on the academy,

I`ve even printed out some of your replies and taken them down the pub for others to marvel at your obvious cerebal capacity for football knowledge.

But then you go and spoil it all by saying "Nigel Clough"


Go to the bottom of the class you muppet.

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Don Clark & Brian Clark both prolific City strikers.

Gary Megson/Don Megson,not sure if there is a common denomenator club?

Dodgin's @Rovers

Alan Ball & his Dad,again not sure if @ the same club?

Next in line....Kevin Bond could well follow his Dad's footsteps to Bournemouth or Norwich.

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alan williams and gary williams both played for city and funny

enough both came in as youngsters and both left to go to oldham

and both were defenders talk about following in your fathers footsteps


alan williams

From junior - Sep 1955

To Oldham Athletic £1000 10 Jun 1961

gary williams

From apprentice - Aug 1980

To Oldham Athletic - 1984

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