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This Is A Time To Support The Club

Percy Parrot

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£1.9m loss announced, as expected. And no-one can claim that a loss is a good thing. Although decreasing, previous years of financial losses must surely mean that pressure's are getting ever tighter. Without knowing just what investments/loans have been put in- we can only make educated guesses.

But the assumption is that money is very tight- I think the termination of contracts, loss of Mark Hammond, re-negotiation of Shaun Taylor's deal and attempt to downsize staffing costs prove that.

With that said, there is surely no need to panic. Things ARE being turned round. The annual losses are decreasing and we presume will further decrease. At the same time money IS being invested into the first team (regardless of their performances so far Wilkshire and Miller were proof of ambition) and the academy (again, a seperate debate).

Not only are losses going down, but off-field revenue going up. And this is all in a time of supposed 'crisis in football'. It is probably worth baring in mind that from any perilous state it takes time to recover. The fastest road to recovery is continuity and allowing those people who are making the moves to continue their progress. Constant changes of direction would only hold this back. While it is hard for any fan to accept things they don't agree with, it is a fact of life that we must. After all bcfc is a business, not a government we can elect and dismiss at will. Baring in mind that Steve Lansdown has only been chairman for just over a year, and Colin Sexstone in his position for only a few seasons it is surely worth giving them the time and patience they need to continue what at the moment would appear good work.

Time and space is one thing. But of equal importance is support. The bcfc heirarchy, in my view, are proving themselves capable, in hard times, of taking Bristol City forward. It is now surely for us to put our trust in them and mobilise the biggest asset a football club has...it's fan base. I, for one, am as guilty as most of you of not doing enough. The rights issue could potentially raise £1.2m given the backing of the fans, the Academy voucher book would raise £25,000 for the academy if under half of the regular following at Ashton Gate bought one, if only for one game every regular attendee at AG brought just one friend- the club would benefit to the tune of £100,000!!! As someone said on here just a day or so back- buying a pie will not win us promotion. But collectively it WILL help. There is no obligation on any fan to ever do anything. No-one can expect people to part with hard-earned money- but if we all do our tiny bit, collectively it will make the world of difference to our beloved club.

The club aren't begging, but offering services to the fan that are good value and help our own club. It's really just a case of your money going to a random company shareholder, or YOUR football club. In the next two weeks we have superb opportunities for a night out at bcfc. Tonight is the fireworks display. Although unable to attend last year (and this season- London is a bit too far away for a fireworks display) the reports have been fantastic. And at little cost you can not only entertain yourself and your kids but help the club. Shortly we host England Under 17's. Past U 17 games have been superb fun (seeing Wayne Rooney!) and again, help the club...and who can complain about the ticket prices. £1 for a kid, £3 for an adult isn't it? The list of opportunities is endless- the broadband offer, the football amenities scheme, bcfc world, corporate sponsorship etc.

Even to us, of whom there are many, that don't really have spare £ to spend at all on firework displays, broadband or whatever- there are still ways we can support the club in the long term. Just by clicking onto the website we're helping the club. There are other ways too- spreading the word of bcfc. Reading your Gatepost then handing it to a mate of yours. If you come to the games- why not help that little bit more by buying your pre-match drinks in the Red & White rather than a pub? :Party12:

This is not intended as a happy clappy :D post- I, as much as anyone, am distressed by lack of being top of the table (I want nothing less)- but I hold the firm belief that the club is going forward, slowly. With the best part of 20,000 fans FIRMLY and ACTIVELY behind it, it could be flying forward. Support, patience and sharing of ideas (through this forum and the monthly forum) could see us, as a club, progress and grow quicker than any other.

It really is just a case of believing that we can achieve it and shaking off the apathy that has held the club back in the past. There is no limit to what we can achieve and we should collectively strive for greatness.

Now is the time to make the difference.

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Guest tone og1

At long last, somebody writting some truth, some sense and something possitive instead of all the SWEARING about Murrey, Robins etc. I bet Percy isn`t one of those SWEARING that boo at the end of each home game that we don`t win by two clear goals.

Fair play p.p :D

:PC_Plod: Edited for Swearing :PC_Plod:

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