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It serves everybody right

The Humble Realist

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I AM a city fan but i remember posting before the Gas games telling people not to be so damn cocky and that Rovers would be a tough match.

I think a lota people tihkn they can be Jose Mourhino with ultra confidance but it don't work like tht.

Its attitudes like that that have meant we have lost this tie and even though i beleive it may be a blessing in disguise it is never pleasant to lose to the Gas.

The only positives from tonight is tht Oldham lost and Yeovil drew.

And yes i do expect responses of "yeh we don't care aobut the JPT as lnog as we get promotion" but i expect they are the same fans who said "we'l stuf Rovers".


Not happy, but lets get 3 points on Saturday

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