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Looking at the League 1st place is clearly out of anyones reach now, but looking for 2nd, can it be done when you look at the teams we have to play, who are going to come down here and play for draws and hope for a win, by sticking 7 behind the ball at all times. I personally believe we are destined for the playoffs now and I just hope we don't get Yeovil or i can see us bottling it. THink we need the team to try and play on teh ground again, attack down the flanks and cut it short quick passes, none of this in the air going nowhere, it just isn't working and makes us look pathetic. Look at the Northampton game on sky start of the year against Northampton. We need to attack like that (not talking about Orr adn Carey) run teh flanks and cut through the middle ball on the ground. If we don't we are destined to be a League 1 team. We haven't properly attacked clubs since Wilson left and if you look what he has done to Hartlepool its a credit to an attacking manager. I just don't think Johnson is an attacking manager and that is our downfault.

Fingers crossed and hoping but not expecting. I have a feeling the team down the M5 will be going up with scunny with the battle hardened Forest and us,well we need to start attacking instead of this rubbishy football we've been subjected to all season. Can anyone actually recall a game they really enjoyed at home, bar the coventry and boro games? I can't.

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