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8 wins from 12


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Now there aren't anymore interruptions, we can get back to league football, 8 more wins out of 12 should see us pick up second spot, S****horpe have proved they are worthy champions elect and it would take a catastrophic out of sorts decline in results for them to miss out.

Now is the time to hit some form in the league to avoid the lottery of the playoffs, lets be honest here, the chances of winning it are not in our favour going by history, so lets hope the manager stops trying to be clever and doesn't over complicate things, and instead pick the team and formation to win our next 8 games, ensuring second place.

lets hope this bunch of players really want promotion enough to give their absolute maximum over the next 2 months, this isn't the time for the comfort zone to reappear, it would be a crime to throw away the good position we find ourselves in.

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not meaning to be picky but we have 13 games left.

i agree that there is no reason why this shouldn't be achievable and it think that 7 wins from these games may even be enough.

now is definitely the time for the players to be strong and show that the can lead us to promotion

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Guest ashtonyate
spot on, if we continue the form we have shown this season in the league with the 2 games in hand we currently have AUTO PROMOTION IS THERE FOR THE TAKING!

You are right we are in a good position but when I look at how we are playing I can work out how we are in such a good position its the away form thats keeping us up there not the home form, just wonder if we can keep going or are the wheels going to fall off???

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