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Living in Watford all my mates have been saying what an exciting season we've been having. They don't understand when I tell them that this has been the least exciting promotion season I've ever seen. I drive down with my brother every other week hoping to see champagne football and get lukewarm chardonnay (stop me if I start to sound like Holloway!).

I might be in a minority but I would rather see us play exciting, adventurous football and risk losing the odd game when it doesn't pay off than watch boring functional football that leaves me cold most weeks despite winning most games.

In the end it doesn't really matter as we would turn up anyway, I'd just rather be entertained.

Any thoughts?

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if we played " Champagne football" and lost a few we may well not be in the position we are. Then GJ and the players would have fans on there backs about bad results. We all know for the most this season matches have left a lot to be desired re quality football, but we are in with a good shout for auto promotion. Lets accept what we have and BELIEVE promotion will be the eventual outcome, but still hope for the odd glimpse of Champagne Football, and the right result.

COME ON BELIEVE :englandsmile4wf::englandsmile4wf::fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed:

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