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If we don't achieve automatic qualification, and let's hope we do, should be so concerned over the potential opposition that would be between us and promotion?

I don't feel that any of the other sides should trouble us? Realise it's a bit of a lottery, however, we do have what it takes without too much of a problem providing we play to our potential. If we finish a strong third, the form would also show that we are favourites?

My main hope is that Swansea stay out of the picture, as a fully fit Swansea in my opinion provides a much higher hurdle than the others around us?

Let's hope this becomes Forest's problem though!


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Indeed, I see no reason why we can't take a top 2 spot, however if we were in the pray-offs i wouldn't be to concernd about the first 2-legged game because I think we could beat any of the teams in two games, my worry would be the final, we just never produce when it comes to somthing massive, think off all the away games when we have taken 4/5k and we always seem to come away empty handed. I would be a bag of nerves if we were at Cardiff and not very optimistic about out chances. Heres hoping not though and we will and 1st or 2nd come the end of 46 games! :fingerscrossed::pray::pray:

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