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Oh dear - they may not open the Terrace at


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One of the Chesterfield Fans has posted the following on the netcentre in response to a question I raised:

"It will depend on the anticipated numbers coming up,if there are only about 300 or so you will be put in the wing stand at the away end,they won't open the open terrace if its not needed,just like we had to go in the stand at Carlisle a few fridays ago...."

I'm sure we will take more than 300, we certainly did last season when we were in the bottom couple. So, I won't be going in until they have opened the Terrace as I really don't want to sit in the stand.

Net Centre Thread

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I would have thought that it definate that we'd have more than 300 up there, mind you if it's pouring down i'm going to get in the stand anyway, I remember seeing us lose 2-1 on a tues night a while back in the pouring rain, matthews scored a consolation! lets hope nothing like that tonight for christ sake!!

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