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Great win tonight but...

The Humble Realist

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Great result tonight, another away game out the way and another 3 points, thats 13 points from 15 or 12 from 12 however u like to look at it.

However, there are still a big eleven games to go and tonights results counts for nothing if we don't secure a minimum of 4 points from the next two home games.

However, great performace tonight. Only sour note is a possible Brooker injury.

But lets just keep focus and not get carried away. As iv said before, pride come before a fall.

Cue...chants of killjoy and pessimist. (i only ever try to be realistic!)

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Oh for crying out loud; we havent had to much to celebrate over the past years, going second 2pts and a game in hand over our nearest, seems a good reason to crack open a bottle or 2 :dancing6:

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