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Hitting form at the right time

Port Said Red

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Sorry to post again but there aren't many people to "talk City" with, here in Nottingham today. :whistle2:

Clearly with the next two games at home we have a chance to really push on after the four league wins in a row. Last season Johnson got the side into a position to make a really strong finish to the end and it's starting to look like the same is happening again.

It brings to mind the phrase that Bill Shankly would use, "the league is a Marathon, not a 5 furlong sprint". This seems to be Johnson's philosophy as well, despite some panic from fans at different stages of the season, he hasn't let himself be rolled into making sweeping changes to things or players. Yes he has made changes to formations and personnel, sometimes enforced, but he gone about it with a spirit of evolution rather than revolution, a phrase I used right back at the start of his tenure to describe what was required.

If we can get the "walking wounded" onto their feet and the "bug" out of the club, we could be looking at a very rewarding league table by the end of Tuesday night.

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