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sort the music out for tomorrow

Flaxbourton Red

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Great choice of music there Flaxbourton , City running out to White Riot would just be classic wouldnt it !!! Haha That would make my w/ end

No doubt again it will be status quo again tomorrow , or ****** armadildo !!!

Sack that PA guy now , lets get some more punk rock into football !!

As for the g block element , i think Burberry should be banned also ...anyone wearing burberry should get a life ban !!

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Helluva mod / skin mix tape there, Flaxo, but nowhere near enough reggae in your jeggae. I'd add :

Double Barrel - Dave and Ansell Collins

Uptown Top Ranking - Althea And Donna

Gangsters - The Specials

that - Pluto Shervington

Too Much Pressure - The Selecter

Pressure Drop - Toots And The Maytalls

.. damn, I'm off to make a playlist for the car trip up tomorrow

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