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Yesterday was important as every game is till the seasons end,however Tuesdays game in hand is the BIG ONE win we close the gap on top spot,draw and loss are not acceptable.

The crowd yesterday was poor,just hope more come out for the Bradford game to back the team on.

The east end boys did us proud yesterday everyone of you did you bit,a constant noise throughout the game,kept Brentford quite.

The club really should look at permantly rehousing the away fans and give the east end back to BRISTOL CITY fans.

The best place is the grandstand the blocks nearest the police box,then seperate by a division of seats from the rest of the city fans, or when needed open the enclosure directly below for bigger away attendences.

Every body is a winner the club can still direct away fans in through the same entrance to the stand, and BRISTOL CITY GETS A HEART BACK the beloved east end.

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if we do get to the champ..most team will bring massive followings...imagine a away east end full!! ..it woul dbe scary..and loud we need it back ..yur right!

To me it is the most logical way of dealing with the situation.

Everybody is a winner.

SL really should look at this option.

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To be honest if we go up I would have thought he would actually rebuild it. Especially with the extra profit we will get and he also said he would spend more if we go up.

True but the away fans will have to move out anyway, Williams move over :surrender:

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Funny that, I have seen numerous Champ games this term and the travelling support is not that impressive at all. The top 9 or 10 clubs is very good but after that it is pretty non descript and certainly far far fewer than City usually take away even oop north.

Apart from 5 or 6 teams our away support will be as good as any next year.

City have a good away following,infact huge when it really matters.

If we do go up there will be some crackers to get to.


i believe it when we are there after the last eight years of failure.

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