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Based on our results so far this season, the smart money would be on us going to Crewe and winning 3-0 with the performance of the season. That doesn't stop me being worried though.

i think many will join you in being worried as there is always the fear of city bottling it!

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Well we are playing well away from home, and crewe and doncaster like to play football on their lovely pitches. I actually think that this suits us much better, 3 away wins on the spin and i wouldn't back against us making it four on saturday.

I actually think it's easier for us to play away from home, we have poor home support, our lot get on the players backs far too soon and there's more pressure to perform. Plus we are able soak up pressure and counter attack well.

3 Points Saturday and the world will be a great place again!!

ps, glad Basso isn't getting a hard time 2night, he's been magnificent recently. Always Believe!! :fingerscrossed:

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