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If we had experienced Striker we would have been 3 ahead in 15 minutes.


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Once again I am sorry to say the yearly 'bottling' in the run up to the final games hit us last night. What we lacked was the direct approach and tackling for every ball. We do not shoot, our free kicks are useless and corners forget about them!

We thought we could play some pretty football and it would all come right, but when it does not you need strikers who can shoot and score and wingers that go by people. Bradford looked in fear of us for 35minutes before they equalised then they showed no fear and demonstrated the will to win, run and tackle.

Johnson says ' a bad night at the office ' unbelievable ! After Forest at home it looks like play offs then nowhere!

Winning last night was our outlet for a mistake to be made later in the run up and as usual what we supporters thought was the big step forward to cement our position we surrendered it to a relegation area team. :shocking:


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have to disagree with you about johnson. We have to hope that tonight was a 'bad night at the office'. How can you have a go at johnson for saying that. It only shows he is still positive about his players for the next 2 crucial away games. If we beat Crewe and Doncaster, this game will be all but forgotten about.

Though i agree, a Striker is a certainty, Maybe not 3 goals in 15 minutes, Probabley round about half time. And Jevons missed an awful chance in the second half with that diving header.


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