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Jennison Mhre-Williams has really disappeared since January but at the end of the day he seems to me more of a threat and danger then people like SMith etc. Also with his pace he can stretch a defence and allow people like Brooker and Showumni to get extra space.

I'm not saying hes the answer but is he worse than what we've got. Surely worth a place on bench

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Jennison was pulled out of the team and the limelight and rightly so, he played mainly due to the amount of players we had unavialable early season and no doubt played alot more games this season than anyone expected he would.

He has shown glimpses of potential and is now getting a well deserved break, he's one for the future and is definatly not ready yet for long term first team football, alot of people were getting on his back because he wasn't the new direct replacement for Dave Cotterill which is a very harsh.

We have others who have experince and are better suited to first team football at the moment on the left side like McAllister and Wilson and Jennison will have to wait his turn like many others have had to this season such as Keogh, McCombe and Noble.

He will be back at some point

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If anyone has seen anything from Wilson that merits being in the team yet, I'd like to know when it was, cos I must have blinked.

few games, mainly away he has been very impressive but he hasn't had such luck at home and has put in a few shady performances.

to be honest though would have him in over Jennison without a doubt, Jennison has pace but not alot else at the moment, he's going to be a good player one day, but right now he can't shoot, can't cross, can't pass and can only just beat a man.........fantastic player at reserve team level but not quite ready for a full season at league level, will need to be pulled out at times and that's just what is happening

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