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City mirror England

Rowley Birkin

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Why does G.J. insist in playing players out of position ?

It's been blatantly obvious for a while, that Wilson is no left sided player, and it's killing him before our eyes.

Why can't he take the right back birth and support Betsy, who in turn, looks completely confused, and totally lost ?

On the left you've got to be playing Macallister with either Woodman or Myrie- Williams, to get the balance right. (I'd even contemplate asking Swindon for Aaron Brown until the end of the season)

To me we are missing an experienced leader in the middle of the park, who rolls his sleves up and dictates things, and a top notch striker in the Taylor/Goater/Lita class.

Why these weren't addressed in the transfer window, is a worrying reflection on the powers that be.

To be honest, I think we are mediocre at best, we have been far from convincing all season, with the odd exception. i.e. Oldham away, where we were sublime.

I think G.J. and Millen try to be too clever for their own good, when all that's needed at this level is a settled side playing within a set system, instead of tinkering around with it every 5 minutes, leaving players looking lost and very ordinary....or perhaps they really are ?

I fear the reality is this group of players cannot live with the pressure demanded at Ashton Gate, when they need to stand up and be counted, to go that extra yard, they fall short, just like bloody England.

We are still in an envious position, and three points at Crewe will have everything sweetness and light again, but the warning signs are flashing......again.

As G.J. always says, well we'll go away and learn from this ???????????????????????????????


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