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What is the logic of giving Forest 3000 tickets?


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As I'm pretty certain that the league rules mean that you have to give an allocation of at least 15%

I think the fact that they have 3,000 as do Yeovil, indicates a paranoia at the club with an allocation of 2,000 to Swansea, unless of course that means that City will have 2,000 in the EE fo that game which I really doubt.

I believe that the 15% rule applies to cup games only and only then where proper segregation can be guaranteed.

In fairness Forest gave us about 15% for their place if not more and made it POD.

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Why didnt we just give them a thousand, meaning an extra thousand of two City fans in the East End?

The atmosphere would still be good but more importantly, more City fans could get into the game and we would have the same number of fans as them in the East End to drown the sods out!

Cos how would we like it if we were only given a fraction of the tickets we wanted for a vitally important away game. Pretty annoyed I'm guessing. Personally I don't see a problem with Forest's hardcore support getting tickets ahead of some of our part-timers.

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