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How many tickets have we sold for Donny so far....


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Disappointing really.

With a couple of hundred POD, around a thousand attending ?

I expected 1500 - 2000.

Many arent going to make a special trip down to Ashton when you can just pay on the day,I still say 1500-2000.

Those paying on the day sure to purchase as early as possible from the ticket off up in Donny, I can see lonnnnng queues for a ticket. :fastasleep:

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I just got 13 tickets for our lot that are going up there tomorrow and the lady in the shop said that we have sold our initial allocation of about 1,150 and are now into selling the further 700 that we have been allocated.

seems odd that different stories have been heard, but hopefully what i was told is accurate and we should have getting on for 2,000 up there to roar the lads one step nearer the promised land of the Championship!!


Ship & Castle


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