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What do you all think of?


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Brian Wilson?

There is very little comment passed about him on here. He has pace and stamina and strength, but for me it doesn't seem to be having an impact for us and he appears to be the preferred choice in the left midfield position. Can certainly strike a ball cleanly, but again, seems to refrain from doing so when the opportunity arises as it did a couple of times yesterday on the edge of the box.

Thought's please.

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I may get hammered as I live in Cheltenham...

However, Brian Wilson is a Championship Player and he proved it again yesterday - For 50k plus Brown he represents value. I would have prefered we paid 100k and kept Brown (or whatever Scott was worth) but I think he is a great signing.

He has enough pace, a good enough touch, enough ability and the right attitude to be a great attribute for City. He can also play on either flank and if we go up will be a key part of Johnson's tactics away and at home as he can defend and attack a bit.

I think we are spoilt with right backs (Orr, Keogh + Wilson) and still waiting for Betsy to make his place his own, and Murrary won't be any younger next year so for Wilson will probably continue in midfield more often than not next season.

Its odd he doesn't get mentioned on here a lot - well pointed out CityFan. Personally I think it is became here without a reputation really, (a few of my mates had a right moan when we signed him as he had no big time reputation, remeber Dinning!) and having wacthed him for City 6 times now he goes about his business fairly quietly but is effective, keeps the ball well, passes and moves and contributes nicely to our neat game.

Incidentally the only time I have been dis-pleased with his performance was against Cheltenham, when he basically tried too hard against his old club and forgot where he was playing and what was expected of him.

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He has ability. I think he bottles too many challanges in my opinion. He is quite quick. I always think, he looks great when he picks up the ball and runs at people, then he gets to the final third and turn round and passes it backwards! So frustrating! I would love to see him keep running at the opposition defence in the final third, I definately think hes good enough to take players on at pace.

He is still new to us I don't think he will feel really at home and confident till next season. Promising.

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