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Manager of the Month - March 2007


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Turns out that on average Managers of the Month pick up 2.5 points a game during the month, and then 1.6 a game in the month after winning the award.


Statistically if Johnson did win it, we would get 9.6 points from the next games, and finish on 84-85 points. Even with the damn curse it ain't that bad!

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It's Manager of the Month time and the favorite for March's honour, announced this Thursday, is:

Gary Johnson

According to today's EP, City had the best statistical record in March, taking 16 points from 21, followed by Blackpool with 14 from 21.

If Gary wins, does anyones know how to destroy curses?

Will Colin Sexstone have to wee in the four corners of the pitch, or Steve Lansdown place a box of frogs in the home goalmouth?

(I've been merged)

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