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Ticket enquiry...


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Hi there,

Yeovil fan here looking for a little bit of help if possible.

A friend of mine is unable to use his two adult and three junior tickets for next weeks match at Ashton Gate. He has given them to me to sell off for him as ill health means he cannot go to any more games. I have managed to sort out the adult tickets no problem but still have the three junior ones left.

Do you think he can "upgrade" them to adult tickets upon paying the difference? I'm sure he would be able to ring your ticket office on Tuesday but in the interest of easy planning and the fact I can give him the ticket on Monday at Huish Park, he'd like to know beforehand rather than take the chance.

Do City offer this sort of thing? Will he have a problem?

Anyway best wishes to you from next Saturday 5pm onwards and lets hope we both go up....



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you're offering to pay the club some more money! How could they refuse!?

well SL was keen to point out how turning down Rovers proposal has denied us substancial funds!

As with the ticket enquiry, i would imagine there would not be too much of a problem if you asked the ticket office to upgrade it.

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