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Jevons and Showunmi

tommy doc

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Wont lie, I thought Showunmi was the dogs b***ocks after the first 20 odd games.

Pacy, strong, frightening defenders left right and centre, and having a cool head for finishing.

That boy had the world at his feet, and lets face it, we all loved him.

His fall from grace is down to nobody but himself.

If that inspiring first half to the season isnt enough to get a guy motivated, i'd say nothing will.

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Jevons - cheaper named shirt than showunmi

Enoch - better on your side in a street brawl (maybe)

Enoch = Keep him - it's down to form - the best Attackers/Strikers all go through a bad patch - he has good points to improve on

Jevons = Dump him - unable to prove himself at this level despite random flashes of half-decency. I STILL get myself riled up when I think of Brentford away. Hazardous waster. Won't last the pace in the Championship.

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What are their strengths?

Jevons strengths are his blistering pace, his willingness to get in the box and get on the end of crosses, but most of all it's his strength and his desire to stick his foot/head in where it hurts in order to get us a goal and his ability not to get pushed off of the ball.

OK a tad sarcastic, but I have just got back from Gillingham and am not in the best of moods.

A piece of lettuce would do a better job than Jevons up front, he is the weakest sorry excuse of a forward I have ever seen, he is in the Scott Mcgarvey, Gary Stanley category of useless City players.

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