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I know he hasnt scored in english football yet, but the determination and work rate he puts in is fantastic, and he should easily have had two goals on saturday,

First.. Showuamni was greedy and tried scoring when he should have played Smith in and was a easy finish, second.. Smith hit the bar with a great header..

I think we should keep him for a bit longer and see what happens and we should start him!

Jevons has done nothing at least Smith looks like hes trying!

THE REDS ARE GOING UP :fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed:

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It could be about partnerships, more than just ability.

On paper Brooker & Bas didn't look good, but it fitted our team well and we were a better side with that partnership, certainly playing better football, than we are now.

Any new partnership can't be less productive than our last two games.

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