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Shoot on sight

Andy Horsman

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The answer is simple, players should be encouraged to shoot whenever and wherever possible, whether it's Smith, Jevo or Keogh.All this pussyfooting around playing 1-2s and little intricate flicks are ok if you are coasting or called Ronaldinho, but this is League 1, forgodssake, so SSSSHHOOOOOOTT!!!!!!

I'd rather the ball went over the bar/wide than we don't even have efforts on goal.Lets have a few screamers from Johno!!!! :city::city::sun::sun::banana::banana:

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Very good point.

The thing is that:

Johnson, Showunmi, Orr, Jevons, Noble & Russell can all shoot......I've even seen Skuse hit the bar from 25 yards!!

So can Wilson-not sure about Betsy or Smith.

Why don't we, because it would also stop team sitting back and defending inside their penalty areas :disapointed2se:

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The flip side of the coin is that hammering 25 yarders wide simply gives away possession.

It's about making the right decisions. If there's a gap and enough of the goal to aim at then go for it, but when I hear some of the muppets on a match day urging a player to try and shoot through three defenders when there's an easy ball on I cringe.

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Stop playing tiddly-winks.

LJ, we know you're fantastically smooth, slick, got the lay off's, ect.

What we need is ..um, one more goal than them.

Don't be scared to shoot Lee, you're making yourself too predictable.

Watch United-Roma. Explosive attack's with width.

Take Louis Carey's forward inroad's with intent approach and if that ain't coming off ...... ?? errr......

We gotta attack the #####er's !!

Come on City

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