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Miss Bristol Compition

Glover Lover

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I am sorry its Late. Too much proper Cider hiccup! hiccup!

I am not as good as taking the piss out of you lot as you are out of us.

Good Luck Tomorrow.

I'm not so sure about that your piss taking is very subtle and has a lot to be admired about it.

good luck to you too, and I look forward to you drowning your sorrows after the game.


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The "what the chuffing heck is that" chant did make me giggle.

She got it from the terrace and then the "stand" behind the goal as she walked past. Did feel sorry for her, even though she was a gashead. But so funny.

Good thing we could make the best of a bad night. The CS gas thing put a bit of a downer on it though (as well as the result).

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